Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Challenge #90 - Stump the Boss (Anything Goes)

Thanks to so many of you who played along in our embossing challenge last week. Great participation! We're spending November looking for that one special entry that earns someone a spot as a guest designer for the month of December. So, we are hoping you will join in and have some fun with us. 

Our lucky random winner from last week's challenge is Melle!!  Congratulations to you, Melle. Just email Sassy Cheryl and she will make all of the arrangements for you to get your $5 gift certificate to her shop.

Now on to our special challenge... it's time for
Stump Sassy Cheryl!

Many of you will remember that we did this last year and we had a great time ribbing Sassy Cheryl.

 The Sassy Gals have been working diligently behind the scenes to stump our boss, Sassy Cheryl. Sassy Cheryl claims that she can tell which design team member made a particular card by just looking at it. So, we are putting Sassy Cheryl to the test. Using the challenge criteria for this week's challenge "Anything Goes", the DT has created these lovelies.

And here are the cards the design team created...

You can visit all of the sassy gals to see their posts for today and check out Cheryl's comments along the way.

So, we're going to give Sassy Cheryl a few days to work through this to make her selections. All she has to do is correctly match up the sassy gals to their cards. But we're hoping she makes her picks quickly as she has been WHINING about the DT gals cheating the last time we did this. Frankly, we have no idea what in the world she is talking about!!!??

Want to join in on our stump?  Can Sassy Cheryl do it???  All you have to do is say 'yes' or 'no'.. in our comment section if you think Sassy Cheryl will correctly match up the cards to the designer. If you guess correctly, and play along in our challenge, you might be the lucky random winner of a $5 gift certificate next week... in addition to our normal $5 random pick from entries. That's right... there's two chances to win.

Here's the score going into this 'stump'

Sassy Gals = 1
Sassy Cheryl = 0

We're hoping you will play along with the feisty sassy gals. Just link up your 'anything goes' card right here. Remember, you don't have to use a Sassy Cheryl image, but if you do you get an extra entry in our random drawing.

www.sassycherylsdigis.com (Digi Stamp Shop)
www.sassycherylsillustrations.com (Illustration Shop)


  1. Congrats Melle! Just drop me an email and I'll get your GC credited to your account.

    Let the FUN begin! Oh, I know......you all NEVER cheat! Hmmmmm. This is going to be tough, but I vote YES on the guessing. LOL

  2. Hahahaha! Cheryl I DO NOT envy you girl... and I hope you'll forgive me... but looking at last year's stats.. and those truly gorgeous cards up there... I vote NO... hehehehe. Okay, off to work on my card now. Lol.xxx

  3. These cards are gorgeous! I think that it is going to be a very close call but in the end she's just not going to be able to get everyone of them correct. So my vote is NO. Good luck! LOL.

  4. OK, First glance through and I thought I correctly guessed 3, second glance through I am down to maybe 1 correct guess. This is definitely going to be tough. I did terrible last year. Stress------no sleep til I find out the results. LOL

  5. Cheryl you go girl i have every faith in you i vote yes you can do it i think just looking i have guessed judys, not looked at the others yet x

  6. No. (sorry Cheryl but I know from experience how sneaky at least one of your gals is! lol)

  7. Sorry Cheryl, I don't think you're going to be able to pull this one off! I don't have a card but just wanted to be in on the fun anyway!

  8. I have confidence that she can guess them right.. My final decision is Yes.. You go Girl.

  9. Cheryl you're funny (and you've got guts..) got my card done in record time so I'm yay happy!! Smiles.
    3 is lucky for me so here's keeping everything crossed. :0) (And I still vote No... Rofl. I'd say they're styles have changed a bit again this time around hun.) Hahahaha.xx

  10. OK Cheryl, I have my initial list of 8. I am off to check out the SSS blogs just to see if I can uncover any clues. **Linda

    SSS - (Super Secretive Sassettes)

  11. Cheryl, as much as I love you, I'm going to vote no, because I know how sneaky they are and they're going to be trying to do each other's cards. Looking at them, I might get 1 right.

  12. I think she can do it!!!!!! Last year was just a practice!!!!!!


    And congrats to Melle!

  13. Nope, not all of them....sorry Cheryl!

  14. Great Challenge, but I'm sorry Cheryl I think they will catch you out
    Hugs Julie P

  15. Cheryl think they will trying their best to trick you and I think they might just do it sorry hun!!

  16. I think Cheryl will get it right!

  17. Lols! What a fun game for Cheryl! I'm guessing the DT have tried to disguise their style, but I think Cheryl will get it right. That's a YES vote from me.


  18. What a fantastic idea! I think the girls swapped styles this time around so my vote is nope, not all. However, I'm sure she'll get several right! Good luck!

  19. Fun challenge! I think the team will stump the boss.

    Karen Hasheck

  20. Oooh, man! I'm thinking those sassy girls will stump the boss! They are a crazy bunch and anything is possible with them. :) Excited to enter the Guest DT Challenge! Would certainly enjoy working with everyone @ Sassy Cheryl's.

  21. Ok, originally I had guessed a few of these differently on Tuesday but after REALLY looking at them. Here are my guesses.
    1. My Little Flower - Jackie
    2. Sally and Her Blue Birds - Dawn
    3. Cup of Cocoa - Ann
    4. Farmer Sally - Peggy
    5. Reindeer Sally - Judy
    6. Whoops - Cathy
    7. Lucy Lou, Princess on Ice - Jeni
    8. Flat Bottom Snowy - Pat

  22. i think the sassy girls just may lose this one......
    fab dt projects and a great challenge
    tracey x

  23. A big YES for Cheryl.................:))
    Thanks for the inspiration ladies, absolutely super!!!
    lotsa luv

  24. It has been a long time since I was here. Great inspiration by the DT.

  25. I don't think anyone can put anything by Cheryl so I say that she will not be stumped and will match all the cards to their fabulous creators.

  26. I say Yes - I think Sassy Cheryl can outsass them and figure it out.

  27. Ah Cheryl... sad to say you are NOT right!!!! Think the Sassy Ones have deffo stumped you (again)................fancy saying Pat has a flat snowy bottom...LOL (and what great cards they are as always from the DT....)

  28. Yeah, I think she will figure them out and there are no tricks by the DT :)
    Hugs from Finland, Eemeli

  29. Hmmmm...me thinks Chezza will guess, OLE! OLE! xx

  30. Thanks to everyone for joining in on the Sassy Cheryl's challenge this week. Really am thrilled that there were so many entries. You ladies are the best. Now we just have to wait and see I guessed correctly.
    Good luck in the drawings.